Travel Guide – Mexico City

Ahh yes, Mexico City, arguably the most exciting place in North America.

I traveled here a while ago now, and have always meant to write about it. As the saying goes, better late than never.

CDMX is filled with amazing people, incredible food, and epic museums. If you’re up for a bit of adventure, this is the place for you.

An incredible experience.

Great and recommended.

Good but not necessary.





I found Teotihuacan quite breathtaking. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting to be so move by the pyramids, but traveling via public transit in the very early hours of the morning proved to be an adventure worth taking. Big recommendation: get here early. Swaths of tour buses start arriving around 10, so the earlier the better.

I arrived first thing in the morning and there wasn’t a soul in sight until I prepared to leave. The climbs up and down Pyramid of the Sun and Moon aren’t difficult, but can be a bit intimidating if you’re knees aren’t great or you’re out of shape.

The climbs are worth it though. They help you envision yourself living in this city. Walking through the empty main street between the structures was a genuine emotional experience.

Museo Soumaya



Soumaya is an incredible structure. It sticks out like a sore thumb, to be honest. While on my trip I met a really talented architect who deconstructed all of the things wrong with the building. I still think it’s worth exploring, but it’s certainly not a must see, apart from the exterior. The exhibits were boring, overall I enjoyed the building itself more than anything inside.

Museo Jumex


Jumex is right next door to Soumaya. Definitely recommend checking out whatever exhibits they hold. My experience brought me through a refreshing take on communication. All of the exhibits were well thought out and carried a consist story from start to finish. I expect anything there today will have a similar path.

Blend Station


blend station

Solid cafe. Tree inside, large open space. They care about their process but use Mexican beans + roasters which aren’t very good

Blend Station was a frequent spot for me. I think I worked here daily, and got familiar with the baristas. They’re really kind and the service was great. Plus, all the food on the menu is recommended. Unfortunately, Mexican coffee, particularly due to beans and roasters not brewing process, isn’t great. The flavors aren’t balanced and are inconsistent from cup to cup. But this space is worth a peak, there’s a tree in the main seating area and the way the architecture opens up makes it a space worth appreciating.

Parque México



The cutest park, great for a run or just some solid people watching. One of my favorite experiences is living outside this space.

Tacos Don Juan


Solid taco. True Mexican food




Fucking loud, it’s like the baristas are catering to their own personal preferences. Average at best service, and coffee is mediocre.




Great Mexican eatery with hip crowds and dope dishes. Saw Lykke Li here, which obviously means you’ll see her too.

El Califa


I don’t understand the hype. Nothing was fresh, or fast. Super touristy without any real rationale. I think this is more of a place you want to go to at the very end of your night for some drunk eats, but that’s about it.

El Tizoncito

el tizoncito


This place knocked my socks off. Sure, it’s a bit of a chain (there are a couple within the city), but their el pastor was untouchable. Sitting at my desk in Boston, a year after this visit, and it’s making my stomach grumble.



This is a dope neighborhood. Touristy, but for good reason.



The best neighborhoods in Mexico City bar far. If you’re staying somewhere, make this the priority. It’s pricey, but beautiful and safe. Filled with expats, travelers, and Mexicans. Hard to get a better combination of people.



This bar was unreal. I still talk about it. Tons of mezcals to try, very authentic vibe for the hipsters of Mexico. A true must visit. The second floor is one large (or maybe it’s many large) Persian rugs where people are sitting on the floor, sipping mezcals and eating orange slices. How fucking cool is that? It’s cool.

Restaurant near Bosforo


One of my favorite meals of the trip, their bone marrow is the highlight. Plus, any spot with no name is usually a well kept secret. Or at least, I definitely like to think that.

Frida Kahlo Museum


Frida Kahlo

I didn’t know much about Khalo prior to this trip, but it turns out she’s a legendary woman. Fascinating life story, unique artistic style. The museum is particularly special because it’s where she used to live, and it’s quite the establishment at that. Her pieces and lifestyle are a iconic and another must see in this incredible city.