Travel Guide – Washington DC

So – let's try something new.

First, this isn't an actual travel guide. It's more of a I'm in town for a quick weekend and I don't want to do the same old shit guide.

I went to DC to visit my good friend Charlie and he brought me to a few places worth sharing. Reading is boring, so let's bring on the pictures.

DCA Airport

Landed in Reagan National Airport (DCA).

I was convinced the US had no beautiful airports. Happy to be proven wrong.

It was late. I had a few beers in Boston, elected to Uber to Charlie's. He treated me to a 5-star experience as a cuddle buddy. For those wondering, we're straight (#notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat).

In the morning we got our things together, had some coffee, and then shipped out.

morning light
hipster chemix

What better way to celebrate a bromance than 12 hours in North America's second largest Korean Spa: Spa World. No question mark needed. There is no better way.

Spa World: 3.5/5

Worth checking out. Solid food, terrible smoothies, good WiFi. Great rooms (saunas, steam, baths, etc), excellent massages. Gets weird at night time. I'd do it again, but not for everyone. Mediocreish staff and I think I'm being nice.

Clay ball room in the second photo was my favorite.

We went to McDonalds (you've probably never heard of it) after Spa World. No photos necessary, but it was great.

It wasn't all luxurious spas for us though. We peeped into Maketto in DC.

Maketto: 4.5/5

This is worth checking out. Dope shop, great coffee, good food, amazing fashion. I bumped into a server and spilled coffee all over the place and was treated well despite my clumsiness. I get it, he works in service, he had to be nice – but I would have been kind of a dick so there's that.

After some work we hopped over (jk, Ubered) to Rose's Luxury.

Roses Luxury: 5/5

Look, Obama eats here. I have to give this place a 5/5.

But seriously – incredible food, superior service, uniquely designed space. There's a line but all good things require a wait. Every dish brought back some sort of memory, you can't really ask for more than that.


Jumbo Slice: 1/5

This pizza sucked but that Gatorade Frost was off the chains. Not even when you're drunk, kids.

A few final thoughts:

All photos were taken with a Google Pixel 2 XL, edited in Snapseed. Cancelled my Adobe Cloud account because I'm poor and decided to focus on mobile photography for a bit (mostly poor though).

DC is a great city. House portrait opportunities all over the place. Rich in history, growing in hipsterism. Highly recommend, especially if you've got a couch to crash on.