Travel Guide – New York City

Here’s the thing with NYC – there’s so much to do. I know, I’m stating the obvious, but I feel like it’s necessary. Honestly, the act of deciding what to do or what to eat or what to see is a mere challenge because you’re inundated with options.

Once you finally figure out the what, the experience will rarely be exceptional. It’s just so saturated, and so competitive, and everyone feels so tired and overrun by the city that they can’t care or give it 100% every damn day.

Now, having said that, this is one of the world’s premier destinations for… well, anything. Everything is good. Your business depends on it.

So I did what I do best, I ate, I drank, and I did some stuff.

An incredible experience.

Great and recommended.

Good but not necessary.



Hunan Slurp


Hunan Slurp 1.jpg
Hunan Slurp 2.jpg

If you’re in NYC this is a spot I’d go out of my way for. It’s a Chinese noodle shop that crushes it across food taste, interior design, customer service. The end to end experience is what I wish every dinner or lunch could be like. I grabbed the Hometown Lu Fen, but honestly every single thing looked unreal. Can’t say enough good things - go here.

Rakka Cafe



Surprising little whole in the wall. Mediterranean food. It has an authentic feel to it. Pleasantly surprised with the gyro.

Abraço Coffee



Coffee was okay, but I thought the cafe, crowd, and style were unique. First off, cash only, which is a let down but I sort of admire the charm. Didn’t have enough dollas to cover all my desires, but that’s what happens when the chance of having cash on you is 25 to 1. The pastries and baked goods seem worth the trial.




I finally get what the fuss is about, though to be honest I’m not entirely sure I totally understand what all the fuss is about. Counterintuitive, I know. Burger was good, space was well thought out, ordering process was convenient. It’s still fast food though. Either way, better than the other options out there (ending the In and Out debate right here, right now).

Fool’s Gold


Dope bar that my hometown friends would love. Craft beers, darts, and food seemed solid too.



Wine Bar.jpg

Wine selection wasn’t a home run, but left the palette satisfied. Great interior design, they save the corks and use cover the ceiling in them. Honestly, so rude, don’t they know there’s a shortage out there?



Coffee was average, but it was pretty inside. Honestly I feel like this is worth retrying, but from my personal experience there was nothing exceptional about it.

Third Rail


Third Rail.jpeg

Good coffee, good seating, overall solid experience.

Gasoline Alley


Coffee shop.jpg

Honestly there is so much coffee in NYC that it’s difficult to standout. In a lot of cities, this would be an exception experience, but there’s nothing that pushes it in that direction when you’re competing in such a saturated market. Good stop for a quick espresso.

Washington Park

Washington Park.jpeg


It’s a park. It’s got a monument.

Shot with the Pixel 2 XL, edited in Snapseed. Google, I still haven’t received my updates Pixel 3 so if you’re reading this, just know I can take the shipment in Canada or the US.